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The Kelmac Group® has developed a unique tradition of creating learning services that shape the future of conformity and compliance learning solutions for Executive Management, Practitioners and Auditors. 

Where others train followers, we train leaders™

ISO 9001 Quality Training Classes

ISO 9001:2015 specifies quality system requirements to be used where an organization requires the ability to consistently provide conforming products, either material or services to meet a customer’s expectations. The ISO 9001 quality system requirements are aimed at achieving customer satisfaction by preventing nonconformances.

The ISO 9001:2015 standard provides a model on which an organization may build an effective quality management system. ISO 9001 training courses provide you the knowledge and experience you need to reach the heights of success through quality.

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What our Learners are Saying

When was the last time you enjoyed learning? The only thing our students enjoyed more than the team exercises was our leadtutors. We’ve learned early on that when our experts enjoy what they are doing, the students do as well. Try us out and you’ll see the Kelmac difference.

Would Recommend
Kelmac Group®.

  • "Good and useful course"

    Jill Westley | 1st September 2014
  • "Very good course. "

    Jill Westley | 1st September 2014
  • "The training was excelent and very useful to me. The trainer was excelent, even it it was not my primary language, I think that the structure and the trainer skills made it not as difficult as expected to understand it. "

    Marina Valverde | 25th August 2014
  • "It gave me a very good insight and overview of how the work is to be performed. Previous training has only centered on how to perform an audit, without the background of how it can add value of the work being done. "

    Peter Dalman | 21st August 2014
  • "The internal auditor training course was a an excellent course and covered the requirements for the internal auditor. I appreciate we were being assessed during the course and I would appreciate on what type of skills we were measured on before the start of assessment. Also, the class interaction activities helped with making the learning more interesting as well as helped break down the long days."

    Urmila Mistry | 20th August 2014
  • "My learning style differs from the rest of the class l prefer a more hands on approach - show me let me go and do it, which wasn't always the case with this course. However the Tutor was more than happy to answer any questions throughout the course and oftern repeat where l required further clarification "

    Deborah O'Connor | 12nd August 2014
  • "For me the training needed to match my learning style which is more about hands on , show me and then l can go away and do it or let me read how to do it and will go and do it. The instructor on our course was a mine of information and happy to answer questions whenever they arose."

    Deborah O'Connor | 12nd August 2014

The Benefits of ISO 9001

  • Increased efficiency of your operations
  • Cost savings from reduced rejected product and fewer warranty claims
  • Continual improvement of the quality of your products and services
  • Increased traceability and accountability throughout your organization
  • Enhanced ability to examine how employees work and interact between their functions
  • Enhanced communication among employees
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Fewer customer audits and surveys
  • Improved competitive positioning within your industry
  • Increased marketability of your company and its products
  • Perceived higher quality
  • Recognition from your customers and suppliers for your first-class quality management system
  • Improved return on assets

Others train followers. We train leaders.™

Kelmac Group® specialise in Conformity & Compliance learning for Executive Management, Practitioners & Auditors. “The Ultimate Learning Experience”

Trusted Expertise

The quality of our Instructors is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. Our people have real world practical experience and inspire confidence with Learners.

Leading Edge

We offer the lowest and most sutainable system maintenance costs.

Effectiveness Delivered

We are one of the few to objectively focus on and measure individual competency before, during and post-delivery. Many competitors make claims, we show results.

No Death by PowerPoint

Many training courses have a high focus on PowerPoint slides and information loading. We provide Learners the tools to grow, learn and become Leaders.

Leading Accreditations

No other training provider in Ireland has more training accreditations across a broader scope than Kelmac Group. Fact!

Worldwide Experience

Having worked in over 35 countries, we have experience that matters. A wealth of knowledge to share that is invaluable during training for those looking to learn from the best.

History of Innovation

We have a history of listening. A proven history of introducing many unique, world’s first offerings on the market including online & combined trainng courses.

Real Reviews

Unlike competitiors who ‘cherry pick’ testimonials, we publish student reviews of our training from every course that we run. This gives you real and honest feedback about us.

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Download Our Latest Training Schedule

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Download Our Training Brochure